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Relocating and Taxation: Non-Dom Status and Tax-Freedom

Live Tax-Free by Relocating Abroad

Live abroad: safely, legally and tax-free. From Non-Dom Programmes to absolute tax-freedom, there is a perfect solution for everyone!

Tens of thousands of people leave their home countries every year for tax reasons. Some are driven away by the ongoing discussions in many European countries, on whether or not to increase income taxes for the wealthy even further. Others have simply had enough of the dissipation of their right to privacy, as the level of control and insight which the authorities have into the finances of private persons becomes more and more far-reaching. With options like relocating abroad with the Non-Dom Status or living completely Tax-Free in Dubai, the legal possibilities of tax-optimisation have never been so versatile.

Relocate Abroad and Protect your Privacy

Furthermore, the new information exchange agreements, especially the OECD CRS – the OECD Common Reporting Standard – and EU-FATCA – the automatic information exchange agreement of the EU – show a deep mistrust of states toward their citizens. Banking secrecy has almost entirely become a figment of nostalgia!

Those who do not wish to subject their assets and entrepreneurial activities to ongoing questioning and review, should think about moving to a more liberal country. As you will find out on this site, from the Mediterranean right through to Persian Gulf – there are plenty of interesting possibilities!

When you relocate abroad and minimise your taxes, you can put the OECD CRS and the EU-FATCA completely out of your mind. Set your sights outside Europe and you can truly experience freedom!

Relocating Abroad: Doing it Properly

While relocating abroad is absolutely intriguing and smells like adventure; it is important to do it properly and ensure that all laws and tax regulations are completely understood and respected. Even small things, like maintaining a residence “back home”, can lead to problems and unnecessary complications.

Relocating abroad for tax purposes has definitely become easier today. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that you no longer hear about celebrities being accused of tax evasion.

Nonetheless, you should not plan your move abroad without a good tax consultant, experienced lawyers and someone to offer advice and support once you reach your destination. We are there for you – in person and with more than 30 years of experience!

If you are already planning your relocation abroad, you should keep the following 3 things in mind:

  • Are you married, and do you have underage children? If so, your family needs to move with you.
  • Do you own real estate “back home”? If so, your property needs to be completely rented out to a third party or sold.
  • Do you intend to spend any substantial amount of time “back home” after relocating? If so, your relocation may not work out from a tax perspective because of the 183-Day-Rule .

Living Tax-Free! Effective Concepts for Digital Nomads

For those of you who are not familiar with the term “Digital Nomad“, here a short clarification: As a rule, a Digital Nomad is an entrepreneur who works almost exclusively via digital technologies and is therefore not geographically bound to his job. Wikipedia is a great source of information on this topic. Perhaps the lifestyle of a Digital Nomad is something for you!

If you are planning your future, are working as a Digital Nomad and want to travel the world (or perhaps are doing so already), then Privacy Management Group , with our many years of experience working with Digital Nomads around the world, is perfect for you.

We are familiar with many different special circumstances, know the answers to your questions and can offer you solutions suited specifically to you and your life as a Digital Nomad.