03.2 No more 183 Day Rule!

Tax-Free Worldwide

A very special way to live tax-free worldwide

Monaco has always been synonymous with the riches, celebrities and the tax-free lifestyle. But Monaco no longer wears the crown in this department. Nor do you have to be billionaire to live abroad tax-free.

Whether by taking advantage of a Non-Dom Programme or by relocating your tax residence outside Europe, there are many attractive countries and strategies to help you do away with income tax, either partially or completely. On this page we will concentrate on the possibility of complete tax exemption. The Non-Dom Programmes in Europe will be explained on another page.

A short note for a all Digital Nomads out there: Somewhere along the grapevine someone let it slip that it is possible to live tax-free by not having a permanent residence. This is not true! To read more about this, please click here .

The fact is, that wherever you move to in Europe, you will always have to file some sort of tax return. You will also have to make sure that you actually reside in your declared country of residence for more than 183 Days per year. Be aware that this 183-Day-Rule also applies to individuals with the Non-Dom-Status – regardless of the country where they have the Non-Dom-Status.

Another, and far less restrictive, option is to leave Europe behind you and relocate to the United Arab Emirates.

This is because, the United Arab Emirates work with the following regulation: your resident visa can only be declared invalid, if you have spent more than 6 months, in one stretch, outside the UAE.

Attention! This means, the UAE does not work with the so-called 183-Day-Rule to determine your tax residence, but determines this through the ongoing validity of your Investor Visa.

And so, as long as you do not spend more than 183 days per year in another country, or give the local authorities the idea that your primary residence is there, you and your family will remain exclusively subject to taxation in the United Arab Emirates. Tax-Free!

This generous and flexible regulation, together with the simple procedure to aquire the Resident Visa, is ideal for many entrepreneurs. It is also the reason why the United Arab Emirates is the only country which we list in our category of “Worldwide Tax-Freedom”. You see:

Even though, you might find Thailand, Malaysia and the Caribbean to be far more attractive destinations – your residence in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or any other Emirate is actually your portal to the world. The generous regulations of the UAE, mean that your residence does not tie you down but allows you to discover the entire world at will.

Besides the 100% income tax exemption, your residence in the UAE allows you to profit from the 0% corporate tax. Read all about it here.